What should I add to my website?

I have a website with basic logins, and it can get you to an… empty page. I kinda want to put something there, as so far i’ve just been adding stuff that sounds cool but im out of ideas. The page is here: https://home.cheez6784.repl.co and is in development, so there may be bugs, and the visuals are pretty bad, but I wanna add something in the /home page. Lemme know what you think!

Why does it have an admittedly insecure account system? Also did you know that if you make a web Repl with the same name as your @ mention name, it will shorten the URL (e.g., rather than user.user.repl.co you get user.repl.co)?


that would only apply to one project wouldn’t it? you cant have two repl’s named the same thing

Yeah… @cheez6784 hasn’t made a Repl with the same name as their username, though

Because I’m still working on the security of it, and I just don’t want people putting any of their personal info or their normal passwords until I add proper security. Definitely working on it though. And also no, thats interesting!

Nope, don’t think so