What servers does replit have

What servers does replit use because I’m making a project on replit and it requires me to download a certain file for the server so do you run Ubuntu lts, Amazon Linux, redhat, centos, Debian or what server do you use

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They use Debian Linux
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Ubuntu is based on Debian, but OP differentiated between the two so it’s probably useful.

If this is for the VPN repl: make sure you aren’t breaking terms:

you may not and may not allow any third party, including your end users, to…
Use the Service to create a proxy with the purpose of circumventing any firewall or other access control measure;

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Yes well I was trying to make a vpn but I had to have superuser perms so it didn’t work Thanks anyways

Actually, they use Ubuntu Linux as @UMARismyname said. Run cat /etc/os-release for more detailed system info.

Doesn’t it violates the terms of service? @not-ethan

As long as the VPN is not used to bypass security measures/school restrictions, it should be fine.


IIRC file sharing services are not allowed on Replit. But it may just be if you don’t have the copyright for the content.

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You should be able to create a VPN that runs entirely in userspace and doesn’t need root

How can I do that openvpn requires root/superuser