What’s the RR for most lines of code?

Said lines of code can be copy and pastes of \ or actual code, what’s the furthest someone’s gone?

Edit: Not WR i meant Replit Record, if anyone’s even keeping count

I’ve seen Python RPGs with thousands of lines of code. I don’t exactly know which repl would have the most lines of code. They’re probably private repls owned by businesses. Now the most comments on a repl has to be this one.

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Isn’t Replit bootstrapped? Then it’d have to be actual Replit lol

Not sure what ‘bootstrapped’ means

I mean just if someone sat there and spammed line after line of code, wether it do something or not, was it recorded?

Edit: Also what was the amount of comments pikabot had?

Bootstrapped means made inside of itself

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Ahh i get it. I meant what i said to Elijah, about just someone sat there a spammed line after line.

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AFAIK it is not recorded. I’d be too lazy to actually spam lines of code so I’d just run yes > yes.txt in Shell to make the file yes.txt containing the letter “y” forever and ever. It fills up space fast.

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