What’s the best deployment type for a AI chatbot?

Hey! This my first time deploying and would like to know What’s the best deployment type for a AI chatbot?

It might be access by multiple people at the same time. It does not need to run any background process.

If it has a backend (likely), then it’d be Autoscale. This sets up a webserver to show your website if it has Python or Node.js or that type of thing.

If it’s just an HTML Repl making requests to an API to get chatbot messages and send user messages, then use Static

You also said

so it’s likely not going to be Reserved VM.


The bot is set up as a flak app that makes call to OpenAI when a webhook is trigger in GHL (the platform I am using to manage the messaging workflow).

Alright then yes, it would be Autoscale.

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Thank you for your help @boston2029 :mechanical_arm:

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