What resources would you most appreciate as you begin your school year?

I’ll be putting out weekly updates and will be offering twice-weekly Office Hours for the rest of September. Let me know: What are some of the resources or info that would be most helpful for you this fall? I’ll do my best to incorporate them into our updates and posts!

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Newly added features to the platform and its implications. I accidentally (The Unit feature automatically made some changes to the projects, although no harm was done) came across the new Units and drag-drop feature. Unless this info is available via some other means/channels and I missed it.

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More management of notifications. I tend to have multiple projects for homework tasks and I really don’t care to see 100s of notifications about submissions. I’d really like to focus on seeing students annotating their own code with questions for me (there may be a better term for this – apologies). Taking advantage of the multiplayer mechanism will be more practical if there’s an immediate notification feature that isn’t lost among the other less-useful notifications that the instructor receives.


First blog post is up! Focusing on how to get involved with the Teacher community.

@patilsandeep, I’ll definitely do one highlighting all the new features we’ve introduced over the summer. Thank you for that great idea!

@bzimny, I definitely see where you’re coming from and saw your post in Canny as well! This is super helpful as we work on designing a better notifications system.