What records are actually required on domains/sub-domains?

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I’d like to ask how exactly you require this, as I’ve had subdomains that refuse to link with CNAME and TXT but link near instantly when I use A and TXT records.

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Hey @Firepup650!

Do you have a custom subdomain handy? Sometimes, DNS services like to add an A record to a subdomain, even if all you have is a CNAME. This causes some issues on our side, so connecting will take longer.


Sure! I’d be happy to help troubleshoot, but I was more asking what is “required”, as you said CNAME+TXT is, and I’ve managed to get it to work with A+TXT before. (On subdomains)

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The two rules are:

  • TXT is required in any circumstance (or at least, alleviates issues)
  • CNAME and A records should never be paired

Interesting how you connected a subdomain with an A + TXT record. I think we only support CNAME + TXT for subdomains unless something else is going on that I’m not aware of.