What other development tools do you use?

What other development tools do you use besides Replit? (e.g. GitHub and Vercel) Any development tool counts, whether it is for your Repls to interact with, to interact with your Repls, to store code content, to make new programs, to evade Replit’s egress and storage limits etc.


@element1010 I like to use GitHub, even though I just started using it. Here is my profile if anybody wants it: SalladShooter · GitHub.


VS Code
To this day I still have no clue how to set up a venv to install my packages


I personally use GitHub for code storage, PyCharm for python, emacs w/ X11 forwarding for remote server programming (python usually)n bare terminal for all bash commands, vscode tunnel for eaay html/nodejs editing and collab, vscode.dev tunnel to use free ghostwriter (aws and codium, both are very good), and jupyter notebook server for ssh in school.

Edit: vpn is great for ssh in public networks (suck as starbucks wifi)



# set up venv
python -m venv venvName

# start venv
source venvName/bin/activate
# (or use activate.zsh or activate.fish, etc, for other terminals)

# stop venv

How would I do it for a specific project (like in a folder)?

This is a really good question that has made me think really hard.

These below are most I use, I’ve probably forgotten a few:

  • VSCode
  • ChatGPT
  • Github
  • JsDelivr (to use things like my projects badge in most of my repls and steal Github source code)
  • htmlcolorcodes.com (for css)

WebStorm for JS
PyCharm for Python

I mainly use replit to test simple codes like bots and webpages


You would execute the above commands wherever you want to place your venv directory. You can also skip the first step if you already have a venv set up

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so i would cd into the project folder’s root?

Yes, like so:

cd websiteSpammer
#wherever your project is stored

python -m venv venv
#if the venv doesnt exist yet

source venv/bin/activate
#find the venv name before using

#type this into your "venv" to restore your original terminal
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so if my venv was previously created and deactivated, I can activate it again using source venv/bin/activate?

Yup, assuming you used the name of your venv folder instead of “venv” (the default name).

Also do you think that these posts should be moved? @ trust_level_4?

check out https://realtimecolors.com/


In addition to Replays, I use PyCharm and Windows Notepad.

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Wait do you actually write code in that… :astonished:

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I use:

  • Vim
  • Glitch
  • Github
  • Netlify

I have access to GitHub Copilot X, so I’m able to use that and not ChatGPT which is nice.
I use:

  • VSCode
  • Replit
  • Forced to use Windows Notepad for HTML in CS class
  • GitHub (Rarely)

I coded HTML pages (pre CSS) for a local company in Windows Notepad, but this was the 1990s. Are you not a fan of Notepad++?

Notepad++ is

I programmed my Minecraft Datapack in it. It is easy to use and very flexible for many things.

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