What language should I study besides Python?

Hi everybody!

I am currently studying Python and has reached an intermediate level. I’m thinking about combining Python with Java or C++. If I want to increase my chances to get a job, which language combination would be best?

Thanks in advance!


Personally, I would also spend time with HTML/CSS or SQL.


Hi, @doktoranders!
I would say take a step towards frontend website creation, as that can be super fun. After you have practiced building some static websites, try using Flask to create a fullstack project, so that you can combine your knowledge of Python and HTML, CSS, and JS. After that, I would recommend trying out Java (before C++! C++ is a real handful!) and seeing if you can make a full backend with Java and wire it up to a website, maybe using TypeScript + React.

As a side note, this is pretty much what I did, and I had (I am having) a lot of fun doing this.


I agree with RedCoder. Learn HTML, CSS, and JS for websites, then you can integrate that with Python using Flask to create a web server.


Before learning C++, you should learn C first because it is more “connected” to python really. C++ is a large language and python is a large language, so combining the two is not as useful as C.

Of course, I think there will be few jobs that would benefit from a combination of Python and C, or Python and Java. As others have noted, web development is by far the most common job, so learning Javascript, HTML, and CSS, and Python’s Flask library will definitely be the most beneficial in getting a job.


Hi! I would recommend you learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript(JS). Replit offers courses on this, and you could find other courses very easily. I would also recommend learning Java (like RedCoder Said), Flask, and React. These languages are some of the most common languages used in jobs, though that may vary depending on the company.

People often think they need to know several languages to get a job, which I don’t think is the case. What you need to understand is concepts.

Languages come, languages go, but they are all built on the same concepts. You can learn a language in a week if you know the general concepts of programming.

THIS BEING SAID, if you’re stuck on wanting to round out your portfolio with a particular language, I would go Java – a little more forgiving than C++, very versatile, and still has the strict guidelines for data (that is, the differences between strings, characters, and integers, et cetera.)

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