What language is the best?

  • Scratch
  • Pyhton
  • Html,Css,Js
  • Other

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Python is the best language for machine learning for several reasons. First, Python has a clear syntax. Second, it makes the manipulating text extremely easy. A lot of people and organizations use Python, so there’s a lot of development and documentation.

With Python, you can program in any style you know: object-oriented, procedural, functional, etc. With Python, it is easy to process and manipulate text, which makes it ideal for processing non-numeric data.


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There is no best language. As HexScript said:


Of course, scratch is the best language. All games what do you play has written on Scratch. Byte code has written on Scratch!

My favorite language is JavaScript. But it’s definitely not the best.


But seriously, you can’t compare all these languages because they’re all the best. HTML & CSS & JS need to make websites. Python need for machine learning. Scratch is not a language, it’s IDE to learn programming bases. But all in all the best language is Cypton, because it’s a very fast Python.

ugh not another one of these
Any language that helps you accomplish a certain goal well is good. In my mind there is no “best” language (except I can say C/C++ doesn’t make it into the best imo)
So i think we should stop trying to compare apples and oranges (so-to-speak), because:

(Referring to this post)


Oh you used my post as an explanation! I feel proud. Anyways, Lightdefusion is right.

Also this question should be an opinionated piece as to what people prefer instead of “what is the best”. Unless there’s a program that has interpretation compatibility (decently easy to use without huge steps to take in setting up), with versatility in how free you are to accomplish tasks, and versatility (what range of tasks it can complete), its really hard to say what’s “the best” since there’s no right answer.

Let’s just say there’s the “perfect language”:

It can be used in creating websites, machine learning and data science, computing huge complex equations and arithmetic, creating apps for ios, and android, great with dealing with memory leakage, but not strict enough to always get a segfault behind every corner, functional for texture rendering simulation, graphics, Ui, variable accessibility, object oriented functions, and more while being easily intuitive and have understandable syntax (spaghetti code sucks).

Then I could come close to saying that it’s a “better” programming language.


So it’s only preference right now in which people like the languages, not how they are better.


I would agree with you but some errors on python are really annoying and hard to remove and understand.