What is your first game ever?

@element1010 when did you become a community moderator?

That’s just a joke, it isn’t real, and I’m not an actual moderator.

Looks at Google’s Text adventure game in the console



Yeah, I wasn’t that experienced back then…

Didn’t even know that I could search up on Google. :smiley:

Do that search, and then check the console, Google gives you a nice little game to play.

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What was your first game ever?

I’m not sure, it might have been yeehaw, but that’s still a buggy unfinished mess. Let me go check my repls.

Edit: Yes, it was Yeehaw. It’s not the oldest repl on my account, but that’s because I’ve had to recreate the whole repl multiple times over due to various issues. Again, it’s still unfinished, and most of the time I leave it in “dev build” mode.

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https://mini-platformer.qwertyqwerty88.repl.co/ is my first game

Says who?


It was a text adventure game but I don’t even have the code anymore, I actually wrote it in Thonny the default python IDE on raspberry pi’s (if you are running their os).


This awesome cat game:

I just love how good collision detection this game have. :sweat_smile:

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Uhm… I forgot, it was some terminal-based clicker game.

My first game was made in Python in 2016 or something, and it was a snake game built with tkinter

So, back in 2021, I made this Python game based on the JKLM.fun game BombParty. It was really advanced at the time for me, I had to connect to a dictionary API and use JSON and stuff, as I had just started learning Python a couple months ago. Nothing impressive to this day though, there were a lot of bugs and I eventually ended the project. I might make a better one soon though.

Here’s my first game https://replit.com/@ParanormalCoder/My-First-Game?v=1 it doesn’t work on Replit that well because it’s really slow and you need my exact screen size

Weird, I can’t run it.

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It seems to work for me, it’s pretty laggy though

As soon as I try to run it, it flips to a 500 error.
Runs now, though I just have a constantly rising score.


My first game was a jackpot machine game called (surpise surprise) ‘Jackpot!’
I’ve made a number of updates since and I’m really proud of my work. My first fully functional program.
Link: https://replit.com/@NateDhaliwal/Jackpot
(Please give me some comments on how I can improve it. Thanks!)