What is "Vote" on Replit Ask?

Some posts on Replit Ask have a “Vote” up next to the title. I get 20 votes, used one, and am clueless about what they are, what they do, and how to get more. I know they are different from the votes in posts themselves, which only adds to my confusion.

Normal poll in post

  • This confuses me
  • I know the answer

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Somebody please explain this.


essentially this means you can vote on it and the more people vote on a feature, the more people want it :smiley: it does basically nothing since there is about 1 or 2 active mainsite mods that are active, so almost no suggestions get through, except for the very best :smiley:


How do I refill my votes?

once the vote gets resolved (this means that basically it’s either deleted or it gets implemented)

Okay. Thanks for your help once again! By the way, I made sure to follow you on Replit because you are always helping me these days.

wow thank you so much :smiley: you’re great too

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It is given back when the toppic is closed, archived (we never do this) or deleted

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Oh yeah remember to add credit for the inv link in bio and follow me


oh thank you so much

I’mmma click on your link :smiley:

thanks, but for some reason I just can’t seem to get champion, I guess you need to be

  1. the first person to invite
  2. and the person actually goes from basic → member :sob: XD
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