What is this feature and why does it only show up on one topic?

I’m seeing a cool new feature to upvote posts as answers and add comments to posts, but it only shows up on this topic for me. What is this feature and why is it only showing up on that one topic?

Screenshot 2023-09-15 154700

I think its a new code help stack overflow-ish plugin

@python660 Seems like it (it’s pretty awesome ngl) but, why is it only showing up for one topic? @not-ethan Any ideas why this is happening?

You have to enable that manually when you’re creating a topic


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Ah I see. They should make it by default, honestly. Or, if not that, they should at least publicize the feature.

What does the votable posts do?
Also, the spacing needs to be improved. I’ll make a topic about this.

It adds voting buttons to all posts in a topic, lets you comment on individual posts, and removes reactions/likes on everything except the top post/topic

It has been disabled for now. We will be discussing if this should be enabled permently soon.

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@not-ethan Hope it happens! I’d love to see Replit Ask be more of a resource, like Stack Overflow.


Im for it to. But since it was auto enabled when we got access to it we disabled it until we can disscuss.


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