What is the .tutorial thing

What is that .tutorial thing?

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Hi @9pfs1 I just moved this question out into a new topic to respond.

The .tutorial folder contains the markdown files, images, etc. that are used to build the tutorial pane on Replit. You can create your own tutorials in any Repl if you wish! Just create a new folder called .tutorial and add markdown files inside e.g. 1.md, 2.md etc. Hit refresh and the pane should appear.

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What types of things can be done with tutorials? Is there some way to make replit embed websites?

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There was a tutorial jam in Nov 22 which explored what was possible with tutorials. This link might help explain more!

and the results of the jam! Some great entries!

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I just put the entire Node.js API documentation in my .tutorial folder.

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Could I put the Replit documentation in my .tutorial directory, too?

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Well that worked! Nice to see how it formatted the documentation!

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If you have enough storage, you should be able to.

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It’s slightly slow, but that also is the case for large files


I particularly loved the third place tutorial! :wink:


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