What is the "Solved 2" title?

What is the “Solved 2” title? I know a few people who have this (@Sky, @savardo), but how do I get this? At first I thought that it was having 2 solutions, but I have had 2 solutions for quite a while now and still don’t have the title.


So Guidance Counselor used to have 2 Ls. I’m pretty sure it was fixed after it was made a title, but when they changed it to 1 L, the title was made Solved 2 for some reason. Honestly I don’t remember how it exactly happened.

@Sky and @savardo have it because @not-ethan didn’t manually change their titles.

You can’t get it anymore.


It’s a bug from when I fixed the name The "Guidance Counsellor" badge is spelled incorrectly!


Shh I don’t want it changed. :shushing_face:


I am not manually fixing the title for people unless they ask to.

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