What is the shortcut to start from the new line but keep the previous number

I have a problem where I want to move to the line below but still remain in line 1. What is the keyboard shortcut to not start from line 2 but stay in line 1? Shift + down arrow doesn’t work.

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Try the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Down arrow. Is that what you’re looking for?

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Thanks for replying but its not working. :frowning:

I just want to skip to another line without increasing line number. Every time when i hit enter it keep increasing. Ctrl + alt + down arrow is only highlighting multiple lines. Maybe the keyboard shortcut isn’t assigned?

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To navigate through the lines of a file, you can simply use the arrow keys without additional keys, such as Down arrow.

Let me explain more precisly. Like in the image below I want to skip to another line without increasing line number. (picture is from the video its not my code). For now I have to use tab multiple times to jump in another line without increasing line number

I’m afraid that doesn’t make it any more clear as to what you’re trying to do, do you mean get the text within the print onto another line? Just a \n should do that in the output.


Another example from the video : in line “6” after word “article” guy just jump to another line without increasing the number to 7.
Zrzut ekranu 2024-03-28 172731
I think the keyboard shortcut ctrl + alt + down arrow is what im looking for but its not working idk why, please help

and this is in code, no in the output so \n doesnt work

That’s just because he ran out of screen space, it’s not something he did intentionally.

Nor is it something that can be done intentionally, unless you squish the editor window to make it wrap.

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Okay, but it is possible to dont squish window but just to jump? Is possible 100% because I used it like 2 monts ago but i forgot the shortcut

I cant see in keyboard shortcuts something called like “next line”

And you can see in this picture that she didn’t squish the code window, and she still started with a new line without increasing number to 2

No, because that’s not a feature. You can’t “change lines” if you don’t go to a different line, which would have a different number.

Yes, because the text wouldn’t have fit on that line, so the editor wrapped it. That’s not a “new line” however.
(Also, wow, that’s an ancient editor window)

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bro Im dying bcs there is a shortcut for this, and I used it before but I just forget XD omg

There is no shortcut for this. There never was a shortcut for this. The closest thing would be to simply spam whitespace (Space or Tab) so the editor is forced to wrap.


So you’re saying that if I want to arrange one line to make the code clearer, I have to spam the tabs to go down a line?

You could also just break it onto another line with Enter?