What is the "result" file in my HTML replit?

There is a file in my replit and it is simply just named “result”, no suffix saying what the file is, just “result”. What is this?

I’m not sure if I can delete this file because I’ve never seen it before.

What’s in the file for context:

declare -x HOME="/homeless-shelter"
declare -x NIX_BUILD_CORES="1"
declare -x NIX_BUILD_TOP="/tmp/nix-build-nix-shell.drv-0"
declare -x NIX_LOG_FD="2"
declare -x NIX_STORE="/nix/store"
declare -x OLDPWD
declare -x PATH="/path-not-set"
declare -x PWD="/tmp/nix-build-nix-shell.drv-0"
declare -x SHLVL="1"
declare -x TEMP="/tmp/nix-build-nix-shell.drv-0"
declare -x TEMPDIR="/tmp/nix-build-nix-shell.drv-0"
declare -x TERM="xterm-256color"
declare -x TMP="/tmp/nix-build-nix-shell.drv-0"
declare -x TMPDIR="/tmp/nix-build-nix-shell.drv-0"
declare -x _derivation_original_args="-e /nix/store/9krlzvny65gdc8s7kpb6lkx8cd02c25b-default-builder.sh"
declare -x _derivation_original_builder="/nix/store/dsd5gz46hdbdk2rfdimqddhq6m8m8fqs-bash-5.1-p16/bin/bash"
declare -x buildInputs="/nix/store/hj0wabn2ip7bl6yyr415m4pcg1a8saip-vscode-langservers-extracted-4.5.0 /nix/store/w8q2bwi6rdhsa1dz9i8mqznddk5l7p26-typescript-language-server-3.3.2"
declare -x buildPhase="echo \"------------------------------------------------------------\" >>\$out
echo \" WARNING: the existence of this path is not guaranteed.\" >>\$out
echo \" It is an internal implementation detail for pkgs.mkShell.\"   >>\$out
echo \"------------------------------------------------------------\" >>\$out
echo >> \$out
# Record all build inputs as runtime dependencies
export >> \$out
declare -x builder="/nix/store/dsd5gz46hdbdk2rfdimqddhq6m8m8fqs-bash-5.1-p16/bin/bash"
declare -x cmakeFlags=""
declare -x configureFlags=""
declare -x depsBuildBuild=""
declare -x depsBuildBuildPropagated=""
declare -x depsBuildTarget=""
declare -x depsBuildTargetPropagated=""
declare -x depsHostHost=""
declare -x depsHostHostPropagated=""
declare -x depsTargetTarget=""
declare -x depsTargetTargetPropagated=""
declare -x doCheck=""
declare -x doInstallCheck=""
declare -x mesonFlags=""
declare -x name="nix-shell"
declare -x nativeBuildInputs=""
declare -x out="/nix/store/ixvmkhgh3l2q8l9fgqzbv3mgm5hq711f-nix-shell"
declare -x outputs="out"
declare -x patches=""
declare -x phases="buildPhase"
declare -x propagatedBuildInputs=""
declare -x propagatedNativeBuildInputs=""
declare -x shellHook=""
declare -x stdenv="/nix/store/kmfaajdpyyyg319vfqni5jm9wkxjmf73-stdenv-linux"
declare -x strictDeps=""
declare -x system="x86_64-linux"

Probably just a bug, I think you can delete it.


I have one in my replit just like it. Upon opening it the contents do not load. On further investigation, the file cannot be edited, downloaded, deleted, renamed, or anything else. I have asked the AI and it always either states there is no “result” file or that it does not have access to view the contents. Even in shell, upon trying to run it or do anything to it results in an error. This is very strange.

Update. I downloaded the whole file as a zip and the name of it in my files is now “replit_zip_error_log.txt” and contains the following:

{“error”:“.zip archives do not support non-regular files”,“level”:“error”,“msg”:“unable to write file .cache/replit/modules/replit:v5-20240209-9e3a339”,“time”:“2024-02-22T19:44:57Z”}
{“error”:“.zip archives do not support non-regular files”,“level”:“error”,“msg”:“unable to write file result”,“time”:“2024-02-22T19:44:58Z”}

I’d ignore those: tbh it shouldn’t even try to zip .cache anyways.