What is the most popular game you've made

My most popular has been the mcdonalds experience, a simple game with multiple endings you can get for each choice you make.

What’s your most popular game?

play my most popular game here replit.com/@Evanisha/The-Mcdonalds-Experience?v=1

My most popular game is a simple platformer made with p5js, but I personally don’t think it’s my best game. I made a much better game 1 or 2 months ago, but it didn’t get on the trending page :frowning: .

This is my most popular game. It is a text-based adventure game. Made with python.

My best so far is Ballistic Chickens, it even has a Scratch ripoff :trol:


Cat Capitalist, at around 10.5K runs.


My best one is around 50 runs… :frowning:

Do not get discouraged!
Make another one :slight_smile:
I think i got few runs on my tetris, but i do not care i made it for me to play and to have fun :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s right! Don’t make a game for runs, make it to learn and have fun :smiley:

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I’m now addicted. Nice game.

Actually, I have now a game that is much more popular… There are 10+ players online at the same moment! It’s very cool.

This is my most popular game is BitCoin Miner it is a clicker-esque game that you mine bitcoin and sell it for money, with that money you can make upgrades. It is made with Python 3.

@Evanisha I’m one of the developers of that :smiley:

You are? I forgot that i could have invited you to the project.

Yes I am :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: I did the energized cats update, remember?

Ah right, (i totally forgot that my game exists lol)