What is the mass following limit?

You probably know if you follow too many people then you may be given a warning or even banned for following too many people. My question is that what is the following limit before you get a warning or banned so I can be aware not to follow that many people.

It does not have a following limit.

There is no hard limit. If you don’t go over 1 thousand or so you should be fine. And as long as you arent following a lot of people in a short amount of time


People who were warned/banned were using scripts to mass follow poeple. You should be fine to follow as many as you like but as not ethan said, don’t go overboard with it.

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Like @not-ethan said. I believe that you can go past 1,000 (@RayhanADev, @haroon) as long as you don’t use GraphQL/do it in a short time, instead do it gradually.


Note that afaik at least @haroon does use graphql, but they are both mods, so they have special permissions.

I highly dought that a mod uses gql to follow. If they did…

I actually did use gql to follow.


Yeah but a bunch of people god banned for doing this… no hate but it seems like as long as you are friends with a mod/admin you are good to do it but everybody else get’s banned


Not really - you can do it as long as you have direct permission from Replit. At the time of me doing it, there was no rule in ToS against mass-following iirc but after my original warning I stopped doing it.

There are no exceptions to the rules - you break it, you get the consequences.


Howdy! We don’t have a limit but if we have reason to suspect/have proof that someone is using an automation on an account we will take action. This includes following, commenting, liking, running, etc. We detailed this more in an update to the Community Guidelines!