What is the largest file that Replit-AI can handle?

Question: What is the most lines of code that Replit-AI can handle?

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Hi @YP19 , welcome to the forums!
I believe the limit is 5000 characters that you can enter.
It says so in the typing box.
Hope this helps!

That 's what the basic model Replit AI answered me:

There isn’t a specific maximum number of lines of code that I can generate. As an AI assistant, I can generate code for a wide variety of tasks and projects. The complexity and length of the code I generate can vary depending on the specific requirements or constraints of the task. However, I can provide assistance and generate code snippets of varying lengths to help you with your coding needs.

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It have an upper limit, as all I know.
I tried to feed the index.html to replit ai and seemed that the file was rejected from feeding, and the ai didn’t receive the file content(seen below)

You can see the file have a warning sign before it, indicating it is error, or too big in this case, and the ai cannot get the content.

So, for the exact value, you can find it yourself.
I am too lazy to find the character count in index.html anyways, if you are interested in the file that is too large for the ai to read, here is the repl link

I think this answer can give you an idea on the upper bound of file size, if you got the value of index.html character count

Also see:

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