What is the future of Teams for Edu

Dear replit,

I am wondering what the roadmap for Teams for Edu is. From your main website, this offering has vanished (the only way for someone new to sign up is to google for it and go to the Teams for Edu landing page and then continue). The monthly newsletter has also disappeared (for a long time now).

I understand if you decide that this is no longer supported and just works as is, things change, business direction changes, etc. Understand all those reasons. My question is, should I spend additional time here or start thinking about other options?

I am starting a whole new course, and based on my experience with bugs and issues in the last few months, I am beginning to wonder if you have any realistic plans to keep Teams for Edu up and running.

If you could give a clear answer, it would be much appreciated.

I am really hoping that you do have a roadmap and hope that you will support this.


The fact that they haven’t replied to this in 3 days makes it pretty clear that they will be abandoning it. I’ll miss it, especially the ability to get a NodeJS site up and running in literally seconds.