What is the font for the new repl.it logo?

What is the font family name? I need to use it to make a logo for something repl.it related.

im talking about this one


So just any monospace font that looks similar. You can look here and find which one looks the closest:

Here is the same font viewer but with the preview of replit:

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The “What is the font for the new repl.it logo?” text is in “IBM Plex Sans”, sans-serif. Perhaps that’s it?

The “r” in the logo and the “r” in the title are different.

Oh right. Perhaps it’s the same font with serifs?

Ummm I think its definitely monospace.

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The Replit Logo uses a slightly modified version of the font “IBM Plex Mono”, with a font weight of 700. You can check more about it from fonts.google.com here.

If you want to use the body font, it is “IBM Plex Sans”, which you can download from Replit directly here.


Yeah I looked on the fonts page and IBM Plex looked the closest.

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