What is the difference between "Always On" and "Deployment"?

Can I start a Python web service in the repository with “always-on” enabled, instead of using deployment? Is it sufficient to use for personal purposes if I’m using the “Pro” plan?

Thank you.

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Hi @bennylam0430 , welcome to the forums!
For Always-On, your repl won’t turn off most of the time, but will turn off if the program is inactive, to save resources.
For Deployments, the repl is really always on. It will never turn off.
If you are planning to make an app with high traffic 24/7, I recommend using Deployments.


And additionally, deployments have their own feature of letting you develop without your users seeing the changes until you redeploy (like netlify or vercel have)

So yeah Deployments are basically made for high traffic and very used programs.