What is the current official stance on using replit's GraphQL?

I’ve been told so many conflicting things, so I was hoping a mod/admin could clear it up. But what is the official stance on people using GraphQL for projects at the moment?

I was previously told I was ok to do it as long as I wasn’t abusing it or webscraping.

Am I still ok to use GraphQL for projects?


We don’t support using GraphQL as it is reverse engineering our service and violating the Terms of Service. That said, we do allow for some minor exceptions to be made so long as:

  1. Your usage does not violate other Terms of Service sections.
  2. Your usage does not violate Community Guidelines.

For account automation (e.g. mutations) you must have explicit, written permission from a Replit staff member approving your project, otherwise your account will be banned from Community. If you require specific clarity on whether your project would violate any of our rules then feel free to ask me or Malcolm (@qirtaiba)!


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