What is the best option

For my project, I intend for users to input the information through a website and then my program will then collect all that information and store it in a database.

I am currently using the Replit database to store all the information but I do not know how to a create the website or how to connect a website to my program. I am using ttkinter for the page display.

My teacher suggested using Replit website thingy but I neither know what that it or how to access it.

Could anyone give suggestions on what I should use? Any tutorial videos? I need something that is quite easy to understand and I can learn quickly as I have time constraints but any suggestions will be helpful.

Hey, @TraceyO77!

Replit allows for you to quickly create websites from the IDE! If you want to learn to create websites, you can try learning HTML, JS, and CSS from W3Schools.

Or, you can use PHYAL, a Python package by @salladshooter the allows for you to create websites without ever touching HTML, JS, or CSS. Do keep in mind that it is not fully flushed out yet. Check it out here!

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