What is React.js?

what is react.js because I see it a lot everywhere?!!?


React is a frontend framework. It lets you write HTML inside of your JavaScript files.

You can read more about React here:


React (software) - Wikipedia

React is the current most popular front end framework, a front end framework is basically something that simplifies making websites, I personally prefer to use Svelte but both are good

React.js is a popular JavaScript library that helps make interactive websites and applications. It’s a tool that web developers use to build user interfaces (UI) that can change and update dynamically without the whole page reloading like what happen in static web sites. It also makes easier to do complex UI that runs inside web browser than doing everything in native HTML, CSS and JavaScript. (but you can also use react to make mobile apps and other type of apps too but its main use is web content)

React is like playing with building blocks, making the process of creating web applications easier and more efficient, as every building block (component) can be easily transferred to and reused in other websites. In contrast, when building sites with native JavaScript, it is harder to reuse code in other sites.

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