What is my ip (ws://)?

Hello im making simple server for my game on this website. Im need what is ip is… my game uses the ip ws://: or wss://: and the port is 9080. Can you tell me where can I find an ip that will work? and also how do i enter the ip in the game?
My ip from curl ip.me is
And what i now need. I need change in config from (and port 9080) to what? to work?
Because when I turn it on, it normally shows that it is running on port 9080, and then I run the game on my computer and see if there is a change in the console.

You can try which basically means access from anywhere

in config? @VulcanWM if in config it still doesn’t work ws://

in config??? if in config it still doesn’t work ws://

Hey @McK, welcome to the forums!

const express = require('express');
const app = express();
app.get('/',function(req, res) {
    const ipAddress = req.socket.remoteAddress;
app.listen(3000, () => console.log(`Server is listening on port 3000`))

This code generates a web and then shows the IP address in the web, is this what you we’re looking for?

I pasted the code into the index.js file. But I don’t know if I have the correct IP at all. I tried ws:// and ws:// but nothing showed up in the console and (rather) multiplayer doesn’t work in the game. I can upload it to a GitHub project if needed! This is a developer project from an improved version of the game engine.

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GitHub Projekt: GitHub - TurboWarp/cloud-server: Cloud data server for Scratch 3.
Local is work (localhost:9080)

As if what I’m connecting from my computer is trying to do this
vps server, enter the command > npm start. Because you may need to do something else to make it on a public ip. I do not know.

This conversation confused me a bit. So just to confirm, what do you need the ip for precisely? Also are you trying to fork that github repo?

I need an IP address to enter in the game and it will work. I have uploaded the github project if needed.

Where are you entering the IP address.
Whenever I need to whitelist an IP address for MongoDB, I always use

I enter this ip in the game engine, in the “packaging” of the game.
I don’t know where to enter this ip

Just enter wherever you enter a normal IP. is basically just another ip address