What is going on (please read)

Screenshot 2024-02-02 9.31.10 AM

why i cant publish it why

It appears that your repl lacks any files. Could you post a link to your repl? I could take a look and see if its got any other issues.

like my account? if soo here

I mean the project that gave you this error’s url.

alert.js is empty so what do i do with that do i delete it or no?

I need the url of the project before I can make any other suggestions. For now, dont delete anything.

Do you mind telling me what your project is called?


Ok, I see it. My best guess is that the publish system believes that your trying to re-publish someone else’s work, without making a change. Thus, try changing a small amount of the project (such as the text file). Other than that, I’m not sure what to do.

Actually, it may be due to this not being an original repl that you forked. Check the READ.ME file.

looking it rn (tysm) stay safe and stay

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