What is going on in the console?

Problem description:
Random box and a capital W shows on top of the console and can’t remove it

Expected behavior:
Only the yellow arrow of the console shows

Actual behavior:
The text box and W shows and the yellow arrow shows on new line, can’t remove it in any way I can think of
(Not replit.clear() (it just can’t remove the 2 thing),
not os.system(‘clear’) (it still can’t remove the things, and also print a 0 for some reason),
not using the bin icon on the console(same result as replit.clear)

Steps to reproduce:
Idk, it just appears after some time, using the console clear functions, refreshing and restarting(rebooting) doesn’t work

Bug appears at this link:

But it doesn’t show thru this link for some reason

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It seems to ba visual bug, try doing CTRLF5 to reload and clear cache, see if that works.


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