What is [githubImport] in .replit?

What’s the use of [githubImport] in replit.nix file? I didn’t saw any information stated regarding this in Configuring a Repl website page.

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I… can’t find it. Perhaps try searching more at nixos.org. Also try deleting it, and see what’ll happen. Just a guess: maybe if you import with GitHub, that’s added.

Oh… wait, it’s “.replit” file and not “replit.nix”. Apologies for my mistake. :person_facepalming:

  • Create a NodeJS repl
  • Show hidden files
  • View .replit file
  • There is the [githubImport]

I think it’s something they use internally to decide which base .replit config they should give you… It’s a bit of a dark art… usually an annoying one.

For instance I’ll often get typescript and an old server and UPM enabled… when My code requires Node 19, breaks if you add a tsconfig.json file (vite) and uses PNPM (breaks if NPM runs).

I WISH we could set it ourselves… I WISH our .replit config would determine what we got during replit.com/new/github.com/USER/REPO imports

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