What if you have a following or want to be more professional?

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Since Replit is starting to become more professional like with bounties services etc if you made a username then changed it to something that is not professional? And you have cycles on your old account just too bad?

And if you have a following for projects you do or something forking isent good since you may loose your following


I still have my same email from when I created it in elementary school.

Faris’s discord is fluffin#9777, no one really cares about your username more than your merit and skills.


And what about if you have a following on your old account and you want to change your username?


We don’t have a solution at the moment, and this doesn’t affect many people so it’s a low priority.


I have often thought of that. You can’t just tip the cycles to your alt because Replit takes 10% of them away from you. Also, you can’t choose your username on signup anymore (it just uses your email) so you’d have to use your one username change just to get the username you want unless your email matched it perfectly.


I think you should have to submit a ticket to Replit Support if you really want to change an “embarrassing” username but don’t have any left. That way people can’t just change their username every day just “for fun”.


I know! It needs to have a popup that has a textbox with default value of the email split, but lets you change it before fully creating your account.

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