What Has The Trending Page Become?

Recently, the Replit trending page has changed A LOT!

And I wonder why?

Before (like a week ago), the Trending page was actually for Repls (mostly games) that were on the rise, which users enjoy.

Now it’s turned into this:

It’s full of Repls that display new remakes of the homepage, profile page generator, etc. And they’re not even trending considering the amount of hearts they get compared to the number of runs. Like don’t get me wrong, they’re cool but not a ton when compared to these other Repls below…

Like what happened to Among Us Online, Into the dark, Realm of Titans, etc…

Those are Repls that deserve to be on the Trending page.

I hope you understand and thank you for your time.

If I’m wrong, correct me.

I dont know how it works but it may make it where they can only be there for x amount of time. They can still be found on the community page.

Yea, but unfortunately the community page doesn’t nearly get as much engagement as the Trending page. Hopefully, they make it so the community Repls determined as “hot” are on Trending.

Thanks for your response.

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Hi @EddyLostTeddy you are welcome to suggest this by clicking on the ? icon bottom left of any Repl and then selecting Share Feedback.

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