What happens once you exceed the soft 100GB bandwidth limit?

I saw this post (https://replit.com/talk/ask/What-is-Bandwidth-Limit-of-Repl-Free-HOSTING/144308) and I’m thinking, what happens once you exceed the bandwidth limit? And how do you even know that you did?

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Hey @B00bleaTea welcome to the forums

In the answer it says:

Keep in mind that this is a soft limit, so it is not enforced necessarily…

So nothing but if Replit notices that you are using a lot of bandwidth you could be IP banned. (Mabey. not confirmed)

Also, the posts are from a year ago so things could have changed.

Hi @B00bleaTea welcome to the community.

Please see this page about hard and soft limits Usage Quota & Limits | Replit Docs

I echo @Ethan 's point that the post you linked to is over a year old so advice may be incorrect or terms changed slightly.


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