What happens if my linked Google account gets deleted

I have code templates for my website on my Replit account. What would happen if my Google account got deleted from inactivity.

  1. Will my Replit account get deleted? (probably not)
  2. How will I sign in?
  3. Do Replit accounts get deleted for inactivity?

Thanks for answering!

You should quickly connect another Google Account or connect a Github account.

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To my knolage no this does not happen.

I have asked Replit staff to look into this

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What happens if I disconnect a Google account?

This is a pretty common issue, especially for school accounts that students lose access to when they graduate. IIRC your account or Repls will not be affected, but you may not be able to log in, requiring you to probably contact Replit directly with some sort of proof you own that account.

I’d do what @NateDhaliwal said to avoid any sort of risk though.

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How do I add a Username and Password for login other than a Google account?

You can go to your Account settings.
And connect a Github account, or disconnect Google and reconnect with another.

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IIRC you can still sign in w/ your username, but you will still need to add a password. I think this can be configured in settings but I need to check

I have a working Gmail account and would like to keep it. I just need to add a password and can’t find where to do that.

I think you have to trigger a password reset via https://replit.com/forgot.


Yeah, it looks like you would have to provide your old password, which wouldn’t exist if you signed in with your Google account. IIRC you would enter your Google account’s email and it should work?

I can’t seem to find a way to login. Impressive that Replit has overlooked this. Hope they fix this.


Did you try a password reset as I mentioned above?

Yes I did and it does work but it should not have to be done like that. Thanks for the solution!

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This method also does not work for all school accounts since most districts block outside emails.
Replit please fix this.

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If you are still logged in, you can simply disconnect the Google account and use another email by going to https://replit.com/account. There should be a button there somewhere to unlink the Google account (then Replit will use it like a normal email, and you can switch emails).

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