What happens if I change my Replit account name?

So I want to know what all the effects of changing my Replit account name are. I know I can only do it once and must do it through the CLI, and don’t need help with that. What I would like to know is what changing the account name will mess up. Will I still have my followers? Will my @ mentions in comments be changed or will they become invalid? And I assume that if I am mentioned in a readMe.md file that won’t change. So, please enlighten me as to the implications of changing my Replit account name.

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Dont know on Replit but here on Ask it wont change until you log in again

I’m wondering more about Replit than this forum. I don’t care much about my profile on this forum.

I got impatient and did it without an answer. You retain your followers, but all @ mentions anywhere are then immediately made wrong, even in comments, because it is linked to a now nonexistent user. I am now @CoderElijah in Replit. As @not-ethan said, you have to log out and back in again for these changes to affect Replit Ask.

@not-ethan You said you knew how to change the account name on Replit Ask. Did you mean username or can I actually change my @ to match my Replit one?
EDIT: I just didn’t think that through. I logged out and back in to Replit Ask and it is updated here too. Thanks for the help!

Your username is your @ on discourse. Feel free to add it to the guide. How do I change my username?

I understand everything now. Thanks for your help!

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