What happened to the UI?

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Try running Ctrl + F5 to force a cache refresh.

still weird looking, does it look like this for you?

At what URL? So far no.

AI Comment Bot - Replit

@not-ethan any idea what this is?

Somehow the console is taking up too much space.

Yo this is sick, IG Replit has been messing around with their UI

Oh no this is bad because the new image css “hack” will cover most of the screen thingy (I actually have it on a google doc thanks to @bigminiboss xd)

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Are you both Explorers? I’m not and I’m not getting that. EDIT: Yes I toggled Explorer mode and that makes it happen.



omg yah i forgot i did that lmao

Ok so this is just for explorers only, ig we can just turn it off to change it back.

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I like the way the UI looks.

@Sky Then say so in my attack on it.

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what I can see the comments perfectly fine, maybe its b/c you’re on the light theme. Also this UI is helpful so now when im playing / viewing a repl the console is a bit bigger and easier to see.


There’s a fullscreen as I said in my post that I linked to in the previous comment.

Idk whats wrong w/ the UI lol, I can see comments perfectly ok & chat w/ pika’s bot.


Look at my tagged solution

Yeah it looks “fine” but ig I’m spoiled from old style which looked like old reddit which was good. TBH all these websites are trying to streamline and I don’t like it (including reddit :/)


I know how to disable it. Also as long as the UI doesn’t affect your coding experience why does it really matter.


this new us sucks, its so ugly

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