What happened to Replit talk?

I recently noticed that replit.com/talk brings me to https://replit.com/community/all. And if I remember that replit talk was a forum and this is just publishing repls. Am I not remembering correctly or did it change?

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We updated it a few months ago so that the Replit native community could focus on building and sharing repls.

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Ok. Is it also because you are planing to move it all over to here?

That’s still TBD but we’re considering it! What would you think of that?

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Before I start I do have a little (HUGE) biased toward this. I’m TL3 on 2 other forums using discourse and semi-active on another (Not including this one). I’m even watching this topic the other bug report topic and a topic on another forum all at once right now.

I would love it because I like being a part of a community like this and if you enable SSO replit users don’t need to make any accounts outside of replit. Such as you need to make a discord account or Twitter (The 2 official platforms to my knowledge) to interact with them. And some parents may not want their kids to have accounts on those platforms because it’s not only replit on those platforms unlike here or they might be blocked by there schools. Here you just sign in with your replit account with no hassle or anything, You can also customize 99.999% of things here in discourse including but not limited to the name (Trust levels, flag option, and more) of things how things, or displayed how things are moderated.

For the user even without the user tutorial from discobot discourse is user-friendly and just about anybody can figure out at least the basics (Making topics, posts, and liking) in less than an hour for some less than 10 minutes. And flagging isn’t that complicated either.

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And if you have data from the old Replit talk slowly tell the top contributors (plus all replit staff) to join these forums as I said before

For example this permission from TL3

  • TL3 spam flags cast on TL0 user posts immediately hide the post
  • TL3 flags cast on TL0 user posts in sufficient diversity will auto-silence the user and hide all their posts

I would be TL3 but you need to view a min of 200 topics but there are not even 200 topics. So if you do invite some of the top contributed as they make topics people could get to the min requirements and gain TL3 and get this perm.

This is great feedback! I’m taking note and am also adjusting badges and trust levels

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Badges (unless you are adding custom ones) are not that important to change. But with trust levels YES you should change them. For now lower requirements for all TLs but if we move replit talk over here bump it up over the default requirements. And to view a user’s progress to TL3 go the admin page for that user.

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And if you are not going to enable SSO make sure to add to the blocked user name list in the admin settings or make accounts with the name Replit, Replit staff, etc to prevent people from impersonation.

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Forgot to mention 1 very IMPORTANT thing. Catagories. We will need a lot new categories and subcategories. You can also make tags.


This is not as important t but I found this topic full of custom badges you can make: What cool badge queries have you come up with? - tips & tricks - Discourse Meta. I also found this topic for giving badges for x amount of time reading: A badge for reading time? - #3 by michebs - support - Discourse Meta.

I would love having more of the community on this Discourse forum. I think Discourse is great forum software.


I hear ya! Stay tuned!

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Thought of one more thing with the new survey. If you reach TL3 or are promoted to TL4 (since TL4 is only a promotion from staff) (if they get implemented) you get x amount of Cycles.

@lena I see that this forum is expanding to a wider audience based on the new categories! 1 suggestion. Make subcategories in #code-help for each language than another language subcategory to improve how organized the forum is and so users can only get notifications for what they want to get them for.
Here is a list of sub-category ideas.

The list
  2. JS
  3. Web dev
  4. Ruby
  5. C
  6. C++
  7. C#
  8. Python
  9. SQL
  10. Swift
  11. PHP
  12. Ruby
  13. Java
  14. Go
  15. Rust
  16. Other languages

Love it! I’ll add some languages and see if they get used.

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@lena Im loving it. ba da ba ba ba

Am I now allowed to do general programming polls?

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Go for it! Thanks for all the support!

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Thanks for allowing it. I wasn’t going to post a poll since I ran out of teacher polls.

And I think we should have another language category as well as not allowing topic creation in the head category.