What happened to Qwerty?

Her replit description now says ex-mod… was she demoted, why? (sorry ive been living under a rock) surely not-ethan is still mod, right…

I am still a mod. Qwerty has said somewhere she doesn’t want to get into the reasoning she got demoted.


If they got rid of Ethan all heck would break loose lol. I mean, there’s still Matt, but… timezones ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


ethan, while not technically as good as some of the other members (not myself but others like WindLother), handles a lot of the mundane tasks and general questions about replit and the forum at an almost inhuman speed :confused: he has the internal joke of never sleeping lol. Yeah and basically ethan does 90% of the work so if he goes away, ask would fall apart