What exactly are Autoscale Incoming Requests?

In my account information there are quite obvious KPIs like data transfer or data storage.
But about Autoscale, i can’t explain one specific KPI : Incoming Requests

When a user comes on one of my deployed repl, what should count as a request ?

The request of the web page + css + favicon + each image on the web page ?
Is there an easy way to trace those requests ?

And of course it would be nice if all deployed repls could show the current amount of incoming requests


I’m interested about that too! I made a simple page and I made one single request. Now, there are more than 40 request in the usage. I dont get it.

*corrected grammar in title (swap “exactly” and “are”)

Hi guys, I just deployed a brand new Repl. It’s a webserver in python (quart).
I implemented one path: “/”. So, I made a single request to it.

Now it’s counting 10 hits in the Analytics tab (9 more than the single one I did). But in the Resource Usage shows more than 40 requests. I don’t understand.

Plus that, the compute units continues increasing too!

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