What does this py warning mean?

what does this warning mean exactly (see attachment)? It does not seem to effect the code, as I have this same warning in several places and the code still runs smooth.

Screenshots, links, or other helpful context:
Screenshot 2023-09-19 2.53.43 PM

The warning
line to long ([number of characters in line] > 88 characters)

Some areas where this occurs

    formatted_str = input("\n" + random_number1_str + " " + operator + " " + random_number2_str + " =\n")
print("Answer all 20 questions then unlock the secret.\n\nPlease note that if the answer is a deciaml <1 just put '1'.")

(it also happens with comments)

#if answer is right, print "{formatted_str} (their inputed answer) is wrong, the correct answer is {answer}

It’s just warning you that it’s a violation of PEP8/E501 (python code standards), it’s safe to ignore.


I see, thank you very much.

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