What does this mean? repl.it deployments

Hello, I came across this after I deployed a static webpage:


Does this mean I’m being charged $0.01 this month? Or will I only get charged after I use up the 10gb egress limit?

@HussainOmer1 you used more than your Outbound Data Transfer that you were given (you went over), so I believe you will have to pay at the end of this month since you went over.

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wait, are they going to force @HussainOmer1 to pay? thats brutal, they should’ve just stopped him from sending request

I was notified going over the egress limit of 10gb would be an issue and not this, and I was also not notified via email about this.

@QwertyQwerty88 Weren’t you required to pay if you went over the egress limit?

Yes. Perhaps you could try disconnecting your card if you don’t want to be charged? :woman_shrugging:

It does not let me remove my credit card now @QwertyQwerty88

how can I avoid this charge since I was not informed about it before?

I seem to have not gone over the limit as shown below so why is it saying that?


The other one is for deployments.

I have no idea. Maybe email support@replit.com