What does Replit run on?

Replit uses Nix packages and we are told to install packages found in the NixOS database. However, running cat /etc/os-release in shell reveals that it is running on Ubuntu Linux. What is this discrepancy? I assume that the Replit servers run on Ubuntu and the virtual environment runs on NixOS but why can I using this and other commands access data about the server (try lsblk these things are many TB)? Shouldn’t it be contained?

Nix is not a true OS, it is a package and deployment solutions that allows to have isolation between deployments. It can be installed on Ubuntu so I believe replit runs on Ubuntu and uses nix as deployment manager.

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Interesting. NixOS is a real OS but Nix is running on top of another OS.

It is a deployment environment. Look at dockers, kubernetes, etc different ways to have independent deployments. Honestly I am not familiar with nix as it is relatively more recent.

Nix environment is running on Ubuntu. Nix env and nixos are different things afaik


things* :>

I found a decent article explaining nix and Nixos, I understand why Nix is getting popular. Nixos seem pretty advance, not like Arch (best distro for performance) … but not as easy as Ubuntu


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