What do you think of the course so far?

If someone does remake Twitter, can we have free access to an API as part of the deal?


I think that this 100 days of code course has been :fire:, I see that it’s being made in Hindi now, I think that Spanish could be next!


I see you got L4! Congratulations!


Thanks @EarthRulerr!

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:rofl:bro David sirs the least boring python teacher that iv saw on youtube in my little experience all the other teachers were way too straight to the point and on a very notebook-type 80s vibe scares my humor to death that does also least replit has a fun visual plus a few jokes here and there by David sir that’s your not going to find in many places like scaler and upgrad the teachers are way too scripted its better to be real than be a scripted bot in my humble opinion as I’m not a pro in code my opinion may fall short to some good coders but anyway I like replit would love to be a good coder one day tho sed loif

… the more i advance the more i realize i know basically nothing …
Do not worry … it will get worse :slight_smile:

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I just started this course. I love it so far.


It’s a pretty good course. I learn best by example, so thats why it’s working good for me. For others, it might me a lot harder.

I had a quick check and seems well done. So I asked my 11 years old son to do it and he is liking so far. So I guess it is simple enough but challenging enough for beginners to go from zero to aspiring hero’s!

Welcome rbchettri1! Glad you are enjoying it so far!

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The teaching method of giving wrong texts and correcting them is impressive.


I have really enjoyed the course so far and I am about halfway through! I think it is difficult to continue to find the motivation some days and there can be some improvements to the course that encourages more intrinsic motivation, which should lead to more individuals making it to the end. Would love to talk more about this.

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Welcome to the community! I agree! It’s very immersive, the best way to teach!

I’m starting day #40, love it so far! It’s been the best way for me to learn Python so far, looking forward to finishing the course in a few weeks

Welcome to the community! So glad to hear that we have more people taking the course and having fun with it!

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I’ve learned a lot so far. Python is the first language I am learning and the 100 days of python teaches me in a very well pace a lot of things that otherwise could be too much for me. I’m now on day 42 and I’m surprised of just coming across this section where we can ask questions. But definitely amazing what replit has done, a truly outstanding place to learn.


This looks great. Especially since I’m on mobile
However I have tried to move from day1 to day 2 and I can’t find the complete day 1 button? is it PC only?

I’ve tried the mobile browser and android app. I run google pixel 6a.

Hi! I just finished day 25 and I’m loving the course!
As an educator myself (though I teach natural languages :sweat_smile:) I’m really impressed with how you designed the learner experience.

First of all, great use of micro-teaching - breaking up the material into such small units is a really effective way to teach busy adults, especially those who didn’t have much exposure to coding beforehand. I, for one, really appreciate it.

Secondly, putting the material into video format is of great help to so many people who prefer the auditory way of consuming information, me being one of them. It also allows for better visual explanations, where you can showcase how things happen in code. And of course it puts stronger emphasis on the personality of an instructor, and it would be sin not to, considering you have David.

Thirdly, of course, David himself is such a talented teacher with a great personality that shines through in the videos, which helps with motivation a great deal.

Next, the structure of each individual lesson is just brilliant: explanation, fixing bugs and then a mandatory challenge combined together make it difficult NOT to learn things. Although, additionally to the course, I’m keeping a document with all the functions I’m learning to make sure I have a place to turn to if I forget something.

I would like to add a couple headscratches that I’ve had so far. STEM is really not my strong suit, and I do sometimes fail to understand how things work, even though I can build the correct code (using the info from the lessons).

For instance, what is up with the fact that I can define the same variable inside a subroutine AND outside one? This is a point of confusion to me.

Also, I had to seperately google explanation of += operator to understand it. I don’t think it was sufficiently explained in the first video it appeared in.

Another thing is right now I’m not sure I understand the return function too well. But maybe with more experience, I’ll get a hang of it.

Overall, I just really wanted to thank you for the opportunity to learn Python in such a fun and engaging way, that is brain-friendly and novice-friendly, and also completely free. You’re a godsend :heart:

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Love the course! Diving into the HTML sections now…

Has anyone found a good resource to pick up once they’ve reached the end of the 100 days course? I’d love to pick up another daily Python tutorial that builds upon what we’re learning here.