What do you think of Prybar (the REPL in the Console)?

Hello Repl users!

We have a tool in the Repl IDE called the “Prybar”. If you use a Python or Node.js Repl, it lives in your Console:

In addition to seeing just the output of your program in the Console, Prybar allows you to
type code into the prompt and execute it directly as if you were in a shell.

I have a couple of question for you:

  1. Have you used this feature before?
  2. If yes: on a scale of 1 to 10: how useful is Prybar to you?

Yes I have.

10 since it works as I though it would (missread as how well it works) 1 since I almost never use it

  1. Yes I have used it before.
  2. 1/10 usefulness.

That’s a neat feature and I’ve played around with it but it serves no practical purpose for me personally.


I previously have never used this feature, but now that it has been introduced to me, I find it very useful! If this could be publicized better and have more capabilities, such as a Dev Tools for Python, it could certainly be an important feature!


Sorry, but I don’t see this at all. Where is it found?

Its found in a Python repl

Soo… we can execute commands in the Console? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I knew that long ago.

Kinda. It’s never really been publicized, and I kinda like it ngl.


Ok then.
My feedback:

  1. I have used this before
  2. 1/10 usefulness (I almost never use it, no auto-complete too)

If they made it more like the in-browser dev tools but for Python, it could be really useful.


i think some might not realize, but prybar allows you to continue the execution of your code line by line so that you can continue the dev environment. ive uesd it sometimes, but i think i would only give it a 2/10.


JS version has auto complete


Thank you all very much for the feedback so far! This has been helpful.


It is a crucail feature! Please enable it again!


Welcome to Ask @pythonIsSnake! The prybar will return.


I’m very late to this party. I’m curious why a feature like that would be removed after only 4-5 responses? Speaking for most teachers that use Replit on a daily basis, I don’t think too many teachers are using ask.replit.com at all and would not see this poll. Perhaps there needs to be a better way to get these questions out to users?

It seems that many teachers have complained in the past about features in Replit disappearing or changing on the fly without notice and it seems, IMHO, that teachers are just too darn busy to see these sorts of polls or messages on ask.replit.com

Is there a way of contacting admins of Teams (especially Edu Teams) before a feature such as this is removed?

To throw my 2-cents into the ring, adding a new template that still provides the feature is great but now teachers need to make new repls for all their python lessons? If that includes a lesson or something in the instructions.md file, that is a LOT of work. I’m probably missing something simple to transition a python repl to the upcoming template? I hope?


I think you can still do this in one of two ways:

  • enter python3 -i main.py into console (or shell) instead of pressing Run button
  • add the line run = "python3 -i main.py" to the .replit hidden file

@MrBrash sorry again for the disruption. Could you try out using this new template and see if it meets your needs? If you need help migrating existing repls, we can help with that.

To prompt your students to use the new template, have them type: prybar in the search dialog and select Python (with Prybar).


Thank you. I have figured out that all you need to do to switch to the prybar template is edit the .replit file and replace the modules section with this:

modules = ["python-with-prybar-3.10:v2-20230925-77b13e4"]

A quick refresh on the repl and you’re good. That’s not the end of the world. I will share this with my teacher friends.

I still think there needs to be a better way of polling admins of Edu Teams or sending changelogs to them. My 2 cents.



theres a way to get prybar in nodejs