What do you think is the difference between a programming language and esolang

(I’m asking this cuz I made a bet on the first day of 2023 where I can turn from a complete newbie to making my own programming language in this year, and now idk what should I do/add)

So, you know what is an esolang, and what is a normal programming language.
First of all, which one you guys like more and why?

  • Esolang
  • Normal programming language

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Ok so second of all, let’s get into the topic, what do you think is the difference between an esolang and a normal programming language, I would love if you talk about their functions or stuff, but others? I’m free to hear.

I mean… an esolang is at its core just a type of programming language… A so called ‘normal’ programming language is just a language you would actually use in a real-world scenario.

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Well technically it is the truth

Whichever category AmogusLang falls into. Best programming language. I think it’s more of an Esolang.

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Yes like we can see many nice fine little ඞ
ඞ ඞ ඞ ඞ ඞ Very nice

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Esolang is a programming language.

Esolang; esoteric language, is a programming language made to test the limits of programming or made to be difficult and limited.

Also confused with: Joke languages, category of esoteric programming that’s made purely for humor or to mess around.

Esolang wiki (includes joke programming languages): Esolang, the esoteric programming languages wiki
See my esolang page: User:Earthrulerr - Esolang

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Esolang < joke language
Its humorous.

Esolangs are usually for fun or as a joke, like Brainf, and some aren’t even fully-turing. Normal ones in theory should be able to handle “real world” situations.

  1. Esolang becuase it’s fun :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. What cha think is the difference between my Hexcellent and Python? Egg-sactly!

Got a reply I was planning to look for
Now I just wanna know wdym “real world” situations

He means real world programming, like making an app or software that is actually useful.

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