What do you guys recommend

I 'm still learning programming languages and i was wondering what courses you recommend. Basically hears the order i’m learning these in, js, java, c++, c#, ruby(i might not learn this). I will take any course as long as it is either a website or a yt !!playlist!! not one big video.

also i do already kinda know js just relearning it same with C#.
i also already know python.

But do you? lol. Like do you regularly use OOP, do you type your projects?

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh maybe,

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Are you asking which programming language that we prefer out of your array (see what I did there) of languages you are learning? (Edit: I see what you’re asking now. I’m just retaining the joke)

Because I would say javascript. It’s popular, widely-used, and highly compatible with a lot of applications. In fact, I actually want to learn javascript over the summer.

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exactly, do you know how to manually code a WSGI webserver from scratch ;-;


Not using OOP != not knowing Python

Do you mean like:

def foo(bar: int) -> int:
  # Some code here...

yes that’s called typing but if you didn’t realize this is the “epitome” of python programming (python was made for OOP which is why he said that):

file that handles xxx
import builtin1
import builtin2
import installed_package1
import installed_package2
import relative_package1
import relative_package2

from builtin1 import x
from installed_package import y
from relative_package import z

class ImportantClass(x):
    """function that does important things"""
    def __init__(self, super_cool_input: str) -> None:
       self.super_cool_self_var = super_cool_input
    def super_cool_function(self) -> None:
        """does something cool"""

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But I still know Python, don’t I? I know OOP. Why does not using it regularly mean that I don’t know python?


yeah I get it but because replit is so loosely typed there’s a lot of devs that pick up the slack by inventing very strict typing “recommendations” of course you can still code without it but you are seen as less skilled if you don’t know the conventions


I think you should start learning Java

Or If you want to learn one language of web development
I recommend you to learn React for web development or Next.js

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no i already know which ones im going to learn i just need help finding a course

I would also like to find a course for javascript.

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@OwenStritz Sololearn, GeeksforGeeks, and Stackoverflow Replit tutorials are good places to learn to code well in those languages.

Also, learning JS is unnecessary is good, but practicing is better, so make sure to use what you learn.
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what do/did you use to learn these

What?!?!?! What are the conventions?

;-; run pylint on any of your code

If I bake a pie out of lint, will that make it pylinted?

Probably not, but you will probably get an explosive oven, lol.

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let’s hope bad people don’t see this