What "deployments" are these? They don't use replit.app?

In the Blog, if you scroll to the bottom, there is a video about the repl not differentiating between dev and prod (no idea how you would fix that). There, it shows a deployment, that doesn’t seem to use any type, but uses a replit.repl.cloud instead of replit.app.
What is this?

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:

Kinda confused about this topic.

Uh, Deployments. That’s their solution to it. That’s why they put the video after saying that there currently wasn’t a way to do that.

This is old. Like, really old. Of course they’ll have made changes to how deployments work since, what, well over three years ago?

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Hmm… I wonder… was this feature even available to everyone? Or only staff?

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Well… Of course not? Deployments were announced on April 11th, 2023, and this blog post was made in February 8th, 2021. Heck, that was probably at least a year or two before they even went into the invite-only beta.

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