What browsers can you run in Replit?

So far, I have firefox, but I want to know if you can use chromium, IE, or edge. Thank you in advance.

you can technically run basically anything in a VM or heck even a proxy but just like don’t because it’s slow. like incredibly slow. replit by itself is already slow trying to run firefox through replit would be incredibly incredibly slow

It’s pretty slow, but im on a mission to run as many browsers as i can in replit lol.

alright it’s technically possible to run anything as it’s a virtual machine except the only one I know that has an easy shortcut is running firefox in the command terminal/bash script in replit

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You can run Chromium following similar steps to my Firefox tutorial, but you have to add --no-sandbox to the end of the command so that it won’t need access to the root (Replit doesn’t give you root access)

and I replace run=“firefox” with run=“chromium”?

After trying chromium and un googled chromium i get this error

Rather than run without sandboxing I’m aborting now.

Wait, is chromium alive?

No, replace it with run="chromium --no-sandbox"


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