What are some things about replit you don't like?

what about when explorers want to test a new feature they can test it without having to buy cycles to use it idk I’m out of ideas and bored =P

The new layout, and how everything is expensive.

How about everyone says 2 things they dislike about replit? only 2

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What if we have more?

Oh I also don’t like trending … and the UI… and the monetary stuff… and the fact that there are no up/down votes for comments… and that new posts for a repl are just another comment… oh that’s more than 2…

Keep it to yourself plz :slight_smile:

UI is in beta, only for explorers. I don’t think it should be a problem, until it gets released to everyone.

mmm yes but if they keep that I might have to leave replit community. For that reason and that reason alone

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lol, just because of ui?

yes I would die if that’s why they chose to keep

But isn’t the point to make suggestions and provide feedback?

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Yeah honestly… not a good design on behalf of Replit. I don’t think it should change.

I dislike the fact that Repls go to sleep sometimes, but i guess this site does need to make money somehow so I’m not gonna complain about pricing.

i feel like it’d be nice if the Repl would stay awake for at least 2 hours tho

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