What are some things about replit you don't like?

Aight then. I fixed it.

There should be a setting for opening files in a new tab by default
I’ve lost countless hours to opening a file, finding it replaces the current opened file, and reopening the original file in a new tab

And then after I used replit for a couple days and went back to a sane code editor, I found myself trying to force a file to open in a new tab before realizing that this is isn’t replit and that’s literally the default…

Replit does exactly what you just said… at least for me.

Try opening a file from the Files panel, then opening another file. It should replace the current file displayed instead of opening it in a new tab if it isn’t already open

it sucks i hate this new layout its terrible please please PLEASE ITS NOT EVEN RESPONSIVE TO THE NAVBAR

I use the mousepad because I did not pick up my mouse so bad lines? I like the old one, plus this makes the image ginormous and squishes everything else on the side. It looks terrible. I really liked the old one please bring it back.

PS: I have made suggestions to Replit staff directly before when they asked for my opinion, had a chat with them, only for them to abruptly stop responding and not do anything else.

@EarthRulerr Vote this post → Feedback on new Replit UI

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Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn’t lol

Maybe it’s just me… it happens 100% of the time (I’ve had to get used to right click + open in new tab)

Hi everyone who has posted so far.

Thank you for your feedback but can you refer to About the General Problems category . It’s going to be more useful to have these #general-problems reported separately in the long run and also allows other users to see if it has already been suggested/reported.

@sonicx180 thank you for starting this topic. I know your intentions were good here. Perhaps this could become an index for the reported #general-problems ?


It’s only for explorers, and it’s in beta, so you can’t really complain about that

what about when explorers want to test a new feature they can test it without having to buy cycles to use it idk I’m out of ideas and bored =P

The new layout, and how everything is expensive.

How about everyone says 2 things they dislike about replit? only 2

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What if we have more?

Oh I also don’t like trending … and the UI… and the monetary stuff… and the fact that there are no up/down votes for comments… and that new posts for a repl are just another comment… oh that’s more than 2…

Keep it to yourself plz :slight_smile:

UI is in beta, only for explorers. I don’t think it should be a problem, until it gets released to everyone.

mmm yes but if they keep that I might have to leave replit community. For that reason and that reason alone

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lol, just because of ui?