What are some things about replit you don't like?

Respond in the comments. This information could help replit.

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Bad intellisense, even Roblox Studio has better autocomplete.

And no, I’m not kidding! It actually does.


roblox studio :smiley: to be corrected


If I have to say Roblox Studio does that mean every time I refer to the game itself I have to say Roblox Player instead of just Roblox? lol


hehe TL4 edit powers to fix minor naming issues :slight_smile:


Lol … the monetary aspect


Also, what’s the point of this post if #general-problems exists?


A problematic statement with the website Replit is that there is a new vulnerability (even without the use of the eloquently structured Graphical Query Library) almost every seven days using the widely known Eastern Standard time. I do indeed ask - addressing nobody/no being in particular - to act upon the site in a way that “fixes” these vulnerabilities without much second thought nor discretion to the general peoples or “users”.

Much regards, Sire Doomsdaybear Jscript III


yo, lets not be aggresive here.

Aight then. I fixed it.

There should be a setting for opening files in a new tab by default
I’ve lost countless hours to opening a file, finding it replaces the current opened file, and reopening the original file in a new tab

And then after I used replit for a couple days and went back to a sane code editor, I found myself trying to force a file to open in a new tab before realizing that this is isn’t replit and that’s literally the default…

Replit does exactly what you just said… at least for me.

Try opening a file from the Files panel, then opening another file. It should replace the current file displayed instead of opening it in a new tab if it isn’t already open

it sucks i hate this new layout its terrible please please PLEASE ITS NOT EVEN RESPONSIVE TO THE NAVBAR

I use the mousepad because I did not pick up my mouse so bad lines? I like the old one, plus this makes the image ginormous and squishes everything else on the side. It looks terrible. I really liked the old one please bring it back.

PS: I have made suggestions to Replit staff directly before when they asked for my opinion, had a chat with them, only for them to abruptly stop responding and not do anything else.

@EarthRulerr Vote this post → Feedback on new Replit UI

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Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn’t lol

Maybe it’s just me… it happens 100% of the time (I’ve had to get used to right click + open in new tab)

Hi everyone who has posted so far.

Thank you for your feedback but can you refer to About the General Problems category . It’s going to be more useful to have these #general-problems reported separately in the long run and also allows other users to see if it has already been suggested/reported.

@sonicx180 thank you for starting this topic. I know your intentions were good here. Perhaps this could become an index for the reported #general-problems ?


It’s only for explorers, and it’s in beta, so you can’t really complain about that